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Hello. I'm Anna, the author of Eden Undone

Hello. I’m Anna, the author of Eden Undone

Hello. I’m Anna. I graduated from St.John’s College (Cambridge University) and have worked everywhere from Hong Kong (as a volunteer working with Jackie Pullinger to help drug addicts) to temping in Switzerland and as a teacher in the UK. Health challenges forced retirement, since when I have served my community in a volunteer capacity including 16 years as a Trustee of a tiny local Registered Charity.

You can follow my updates about the book via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eden-Undone/589966777799655?ref=hl … or via here, I hope.

I’ve never worked with a WordPress site before, btw (by the way) : so I ask your patience in advance as I work to figure it out to make it an appealing place to visit! Thank you 🙂

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