Eden Undone is being mentioned!

I love it when readers get in touch with me to tell me how much they have loved Eden Undone: and I was also thrilled by the recommendation in this blog:

Emon’s December 2015 blog:

BOOKS! I don’t really read much, but when I do, you’d definitely know about it! Eden Undone was one of my musts. Anna Linsday, the author, takes an exciting and creative spin on the Adam and Eve story, recreating the story to show what would have happened if Eve did not bite the apple! I really loved the concept of the book and especially the content! It was easily pleasurable and I could not put it down! This book takes this classic Bible story and adds a fresh and new take to it which I thought was genius. Now, being a Muslim, I can honestly say that this book is for anyone and everyone.”

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So do please continue getting in touch with me if you’ve read and lovedĀ Eden Undone!



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