The Simplicity Of Grace

I’ve been mulling over Zechariah 4 these past few weeks: not despising the day of small beginnings, trusting not in might nor in power but in His Spirit. And one of the images my mind continues to return to is a picture of a still, quiet body of water –[…]

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small beginnings

Three weeks through already, and back in Connecticut… The best memories: meeting new friends, catching up with old ones. Oh! It’s been wonderful! Thank you to all of you! The worst memories: rain, rain, rain… oh, and driving in Dallas – eeek!! Yes, I know that for tens of thousands[…]

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Memphis moments

From rural Connecticut… to Memphis:  Booksellers (a beautiful large independent bookstore in Memphis) had sold out of Eden Undone but since I had a few copies with me, were happy to let me pose in front of their New & Notable table with a lovely friend and a member of staff[…]

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…invited to read…

So apparently some mugshots of me in action would be appreciated… So here’s me … I think the chair back survived being used as a propping-up tool! 😀 This was the afternoon that W.I.N.Y. radio interviewed me as well.    

Memphis, here I come!

So these have been foundational days, days of Zechariah 4:10 (paraphrasing: do not despise the day of small beginnings), sowing metaphorical seeds and setting things in place: finalising arrangements for Memphis (leaving my host’s house at 5a.m. tomorrow to miss the NYC rush-hour traffic *gulp* *eek*!! to reach the airport[…]

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The Whoop! and Eeek! reports…

  The Whoop! report I’m here! I’m here! US of A, glimpsing the frozen vastness of Newfoundland from the plane windows, alien in its seemingly untouched barrenness, and then the evening glitter of NYC’s harbour lights as we came to land. The plane, a third capacity so that everyone had[…]

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