Welcome to the journey!

In alphabetical order… these are the incredible people who have chosen to be part of Eden Undone‘s journey by supporting its crowdfunding appeal at igg.me/at/Eden-Undone… and in some cases, by consistently sharing Eden Undone’s updates across their social media!

THANK you. Together we can do it. #LoveGoesViral #ForeverGrateful

Ady Henderson
Anne B
Annette M
Anne Pettican
Annie Douglass Lima
Apryl Webb
Arti S
Bridget Wood
Bukky G
Caroline B
Charles Walker
Clive & Shân Petry
Dave B
Deana Poston
Erica & Olivier M-W
Eu-Gene Cheah
Faith Mayo
François Bouville
Françoise W
Frank Orlinsky
Hannah Bayes
Harriet Stacey
Hugh Doggett
Ian & Rachel C
Ian H
Joanna C
John & Selene Borda
John Edmonds
Joyce Gannon
Julia H
Justine E
K Weller
Kina Robertshaw
King M
Lascelles Lawrence
Lelia Rose
Linda Ng
Marco & Alessandra Dall’Aglio
Martha & Prince
Martin Fox
Matt Doar
Peter Radford
Ramona Wyckoff
Rhona W
Ros Wyles
Ruth Kosu
Shebin & Amal Hassan
Sherryll B
Silvana & Renzo A
Steve Spall
Steven Lee
Stuart Diekmeyer
Tan & Wiebke Siekmann
Teggy Ramsay
Thomas Niesler
Toni K
Val N
Wayne Tofteroo

…this was supposed to be in columns, but apparently it doesn’t recognise its own code… hey ho… The thanks remain the same irrespective! And if by some oversight I’ve missed YOUR name, pleeeeeease let me know, and accept my heart-horrified apologies!

Thank you 4

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