60-second poems

So on Sunday I attended a poetry workshop run by a group called Allographic. I’ve never attended any poetry workshops before, ever – but wow! Sooooooo much fun.

One of the exercises which the moderator Uppahar gave us to do required us to write a poem in 60 seconds. Yes, that’s 60 seconds from receiving the title to finishing up!

Have a go – it is sooooooo much fun. Post your 60-second masterpiece in the comments for moderation 🙂

Here was the first title that we were given – are you ready? Pen, paper? Ok then. So the title is….

Teaching your mother how to give birth

60 seconds. GO!





Done? Wonderful!!!

This was mine:

Teaching your mother how to give birth

Breathe. Push. Look ahead:
who will I be?
Breathe. Not soiled nappies
but the adult you have formed,
character birthed from your loins.

Want some more? Let me know and I’ll post the next title for you!

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