The 60-seconders: Teaching Your Mother How To Give Birth

Ok. So it’s nothing to do with Eden Undone directly. But I thought you might like to see a couple of things I’ve written recently. The idea is simple. You pick a title, any title, randomly: or ask someone else to pick one.

You then have 60 seconds (yes! just 60 seconds!) to think AND write your poem. When your timer dings after 60 seconds, you can finish your word or phrase… and that’s it. You will be amazed by how much fun it it, and how in those 60 seconds your brain is able to shape something AROUND THAT TITLE.

Remember: poems don’t have to rhyme to be poetry. Poetry is the music of the words themselves, their rhythm married to their meaning, where even the pauses between words, between lines, is part of the whole.

So here’s the first one. Would you like to see more? How about sharing some of YOUR 60-seconders with us, in the comments? You can use the same titles as I’ve used, or something completely different!


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