…and to celebrate a week in which Eden Undone is officially released in the USA, and American Thanksgiving weekend, and Black Friday,  and my birthday, look out for a 24-hour special Kindle price from 8a.m (GMT) Friday at!

Welcome to the journey!

In alphabetical order… these are the incredible people who have chosen to be part of Eden Undone‘s journey by supporting its crowdfunding appeal at… and in some cases, by consistently sharing Eden Undone’s updates across their social media! THANK you. Together we can do it. #LoveGoesViral #ForeverGrateful Ady Henderson[…]

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Monday musings

Today has been gobbled up with book stuff – logging onto Facebook (so much for my self-imposed cold turkey plans for a week!) to find, sign up for, and then post the snippet about the forthcoming Kindle promotion on every and any author’s / writer’s / reader’s / fiction /[…]

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