USA, we have lift off! :-)

Ok… so I’ve been posting on Twitter and Facebook. I’ve been using Hootsuite and I’ve signed up to BookGoodies. I’m running a 24-hour Twitter campaign via eBooksHabit. (They only send promotional codes to those who’ve already advertised with them, so it made more sense to take the smallest, one-day package and await the 20% discount voucher, than waste money getting a larger package and then get a discount after I no longer needed it…)

I’ve responded to invitations to write on two separate guest blogs, one of which (the OnlineBookClub) is running a contest so that the post with most comments will win a promo opportunity. (So pleeeeeease visit and comment on to help me!) 
I’ve slashed the Kindle price by 70% for 24 hours til tomorrow, to celebrate Eden Undone‘s USA release today at . (Yes! Today! Woohooooo!) 
I’m running a giveaway on GoodReads (yay, 260 entries so far). 
… So now… would welcome suggestions for what else I can do to give Eden Undone greater exposure and help it catch fire? If you’re reading this, then you already know that it has the potential to really take the USA by storm. But until it picks up momentum, that’s looking distant. I’ve created and shared memes… But HOW do I pick up more (vital!) momentum?
It’s in the Top 100 in all its Kindle categories on Amazon UK. But movement in the USA? And sustaining it? And gathering momentum? HELP! This is where YOU can continue to make a huge difference…
So grateful for you all!
Eden Undone small


  1. Bonne continuation pour ton blog que je continue à suivre réguliérement.

  2. You do have a fabulous blog thanks.

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