…and my second-ever…!

…although a beloved friend told me last night that every online musing – whether on Facebook or elsewhere – is in effect a blog post. In which case this is not, in fact, my second-ever! But in terms of consciously Being A Blog, it is 🙂

Anyway, my big news to report today is (oooh… just seen that according to Amazon, Eden Undone has edged itself to

Woohooo!!!!!! THANK you everyone! Mind you…. it’s got almost 27’000 places to go before it hits overall Amazon bestseller… and who knows, by the time I check again, it might be a few million! But nevertheless, that was an unexpected surprise! 🙂 ) … yes, um, so back to what I’d been about to write, before astonishment overtook me! My big news to report is (*drumroll*) that… on the the weekend of 13-15 March, the Kindle version is going to be on special offer of $2.99 / £1.99 !!!

So please… tell your friends, spread the word, buy it as a present, read it, love it, talk about it, and above all, be blessed by it!

And please, please consider leaving a (glorious! glowing! of course  *grin*) review anywhere and everywhere you can think of – Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, GoodReads, Facebook… it all helps, hugely. Thank you!


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