So this is my first blog post…

…for this site.

It just so happens that it’s also my first blog post… ever.

So I’m starting from a collection of nothings. Is that even possible – a collection of nothings? It shouldn’t be, should it? – at least theoretically. But the reality is … I’m starting from a collection of nothings. I’ve never blogged before. Heck, I’ve never even kept a diary! I have no idea even of HOW one blogs. Aren’t bloggers supposed to be witty? Entertaining? Young? I’m not sure that I count as any of those! I have no loyal fan base, no enthusiastic existing readership… a collection of nothings, in other words.

But that’s where everyone starts, isn’t it? From that same collection of nothings.

So if you’re just joining me… welcome to this blind date, neither of us knowing what to expect!

Perhaps it – and indeed my book – will go nowhere. Perhaps it will disappear into obscurity, an irrelevant memory.

But maybe – just maybe – I will succeed in building this site to be a place of blessings for you, and this post will grow into a vibrant living blog. And maybe, just maybe, you will love my book and talk about it to a friend, who in turn will fall in love with it, and so on: and come here and engage with this site, and with this blog! Wouldn’t that be awesome? If my musings became a dialogue with the hoped-for plural you!? A dialogue, a resource, a blessing, a joy, an enrichment…? If the blind date develops into  a living long-term love?

So irrespective of what the future holds, and whether anyone other than myself will ever read these words… WELCOME!


  1. Good luck Anna x

  2. Excellent first blog – please now keep stirring the pot!

    • Thanks so much, Ian! Shall do my utmost – it’s a huge encouragement to find your comments!
      I did half write the next post… except that I must have failed to “save” it ‘cos I can’t find it any more… All part of the learning curve! 🙂

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