USA… here I come!

And so this happened…

A week ago I was feeling disheartened and dispirited about Eden Undone‘s inertia and disappearance into oblivion.

Then the next day I received an email. A beautiful lady who has become a friend as a result of Eden Undone, and who’s been mentioning book tours ever since she read it.

“About that book tour,” she said…

“I’ve been speaking to my contacts,” she said.

“We reckon that for your first tour, the following cities should be manageable. I asked a friend, and we reckon that the following flights would be best, and best value. You’ve still got that crowdfunding money, haven’t you, to cover the cost of the actual flights? I’m sorting book signings, talks and interviews… Howzabout it? Oh, and so you’d be flying here in ten days’ time…”

So here it is… ye official drumroll…

Louder please, I can’t hear you…

EDEN UNDONE book tour : (not counting travel days while I’m in transit)

Thur 5 May – Tue 10 May : NYC

Wed 11 May – Tue 17 May : Memphis

Wed 18 May – Tue 24 May : Dallas

Wed 25 May – TBC : NYC

date TBC – 4 June : Washington DC

Scared? Yep. Terrified? Yep. Out of my comfort zone? Yep. Surreal? Yep.

Thrilled? YES!!! Excited? Yes, yes, YES!


So, ladies and gentlemen: this journey which YOU helped birth… is taking its first international toddler steps. THANK you.

And THANK you to the astonishing, the incredible, the passionate Thania Hall Haggerty, to whose unilateral idea, organising, and scheduling this new adventure owes its entire being.

And if YOU have any contacts in NYC / Memphis / Dallas / Washington DC who would like to invite me to sign books / speak / be interviewed while I’m in the respective areas, then please urgently contact me!

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